An Ode to Syrups!

Superbowl Sunday is always tough. Not just because we don’t really give a crap about professional football, but also the strain it puts on our bartending skills. We always want to serve quality craft cocktails, but the Stupor Bowl is a high volume, comfort food, event.

Enter the wonderful world of syrups. A nice syrup can give depth and character to an otherwise quick-pour drink. With the Viking’s home field hosting the action this year we pulled out a blueberry syrup that we are quite fond of. It manages to taste like blueberries without being grotesquely sweet. We use it in several of our cocktail creations, but featured it with a very simple drink we dubbed “Viking Punch” for this year’s festivities:

At first glance it appears to be a typical Spring-Break-overly-sweet-fishbowl-of-booze. But the syrup gives it more of a ‘blueberry sour’ vibe even in conventional 3-2-1 party proportions.


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