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Is making stencils to decorate the foam ‘too far’ for Super Bowl cocktails? #SuperBowl #CocktailPorn #Mixology

There is probably a better way to do this, but I started with a logo I found online:

I used ‘color select’ in Adobe Photoshop to pull out the middle of the logo, then added white and black until it was a ‘template’ (no black magically suspended in space):

To turn it into smoother vector art I brought the PNG above into Adobe Illustrator, then used the Image Trace features to turn it into smoother vector art:

Originally I was going to cut it out with an Exacto blade but a friend offered to machine it, so I exported from Illustrator to DXF, opened in AutoCAD, and ‘Exploded’ everything to simple lines.

Like I said, there probably is an easier way!

P.S. Works great!

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